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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Sorry I have been gone so long...
Been real busy with ,
Young E's softball,
Young E's graduation from 8th grade
Trying to get to the lake for some boat time

Ahhhh. Any ways Today I had to work!! Now we are getting ready for Young E's Graduation from 8th grade party... In typical Irish fashion we are holding the party at a Chicago Irish pub where our other Daughter J works at "Quigleys". I guess everyone will partake of fish and chips, corned beef, bangers and mash and swill it down with pints of Guiness and shots of Jamesons Irish Whiskey.
It is supposed to be in the mid 90's today!!! I m going to wind up being a puddle in my own underwear.. Brewing some magnificant "Testical Tea" within the confines of my cotton panel....
Tomorrow we will head up to the lake and get some Rica Marie time.. I have to change the prop before we leave dock. I have not been up there since the last post of Uncle TOEKNEES fishy. I am confident the battery will still have enough charge to start the boat but..stranger things have happened... Keep your fingers crossed.
Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there.. Think about the word Father... Fat- Her? Or maybe it's derived from a Greek word which mean "the farter". I don't know.....
Spoke to the commander and chief of the TOL and all is well with him he is on the lamb and I can't relinquish the truth of his wereabouts.... He has instructed me to let you all know he is well.. and He also says he will up date this weekend..... Oh yeah he says he is coming totally clean about his move...Uhm he said that the people of his trailer park ran him out because he is gay!! Yeah, He wants you all to know he is gay and loves to be gay.. He also wants you to know that he likes to wear woman's clothes.. Yes Gay and cross dresses... Uhm other than that he is all well.
The Cicadas have been a real fuckin joy around here!! Millions of them!! I am not lying Millions of them around my house and Man are they loud, big fuckin ugly critters... I should of bat have not taken any photos but I wont forget these fuckers ever...
Androoo is back in the states and is actually on leave purchasing a car if I am not mistaken.. Good luck to him. Other than that I will go now and hopefully update with some pics of the party and boat trip..
Peace out biaatches

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Need I say more???
Welcome back commander and crew!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Busy Ass Weekend

Sorry for not posting in so long. (well since last weekend).
First I want to give a shout out to my youngest sister Jennphiner, I must say she is impressive with her current scholastic activities she has Incorporated with her already full schedule. We don't get a lot of time to talk but she is the only one I know who really remembers my date of climbing out of the bottle 5+ years ago.. She gives me a card every year to just let me know she is proud of me, Thanks Jenn for taking notice... So let's talk about her real fast.. She is a mother.......(of two) She is a mother of 2 boys J and C who are 4 and 5 yrs old. She is married and is a homo......ner so with the family and house she is very busy. With all this on her plate she is currently gone back to school and is doing well.. Jenn if you read this please correct me when I am wrong but I thought you are studying to be or get into radiology???? I have gone as far as to look into taking the entrance exam at our local college and then chickend out.. I am the type of person who will stick it out and never quit I also know when I should steer clear of something so I don' get myself in a position of having to quit so I didn't start any classes. That is what is so special about Jennphiner, She just dove right into it and is doing extremely well. Anyhow this is very impressive to me and she needs to be congratulated for taking the time to better herself.. Good job girl!! See you on the Rica Marie this summer!! Luv ya.

OK Julie (my wife) went to Miami on Wed for a little vac. I am on the early shift so I have to be up at 2:20 am and in to work by 3am.. Erwin is still in school so I have very little time to spend with her before retiring for the evening so at 14 she is doing a lot on her own as far as going to bed a proper time (which is hard when you have a computer in your room and so many people to IM!!! She also has gotten herself up on time to make it to the bus stop.. I do my checking in on her but she is always where she should be and on time Good Girl..
So Friday we hit the Ball field for a 5:30 -8:00 pm practice before this weekends tourney... Sat we got up at 5:00 and got on the road at 6:15 packed and loaded with all the stuff needed for the day... food, water, ice, gator aide, chairs etc. Our first game was at 8:00 am on Sat morning we won.. The team we played was not soo good so the coach used Erwins pitching to get a good lead and then pulled her to save her... We won and then went to breakfast and had to be back at the field at 12:00 to warm up for a 1:00pm game. Same thing we started with E pitching and got an incredible lead and then pulled her to save her for the later... We won that game also.. The coach came over to talk to me and we had a nice one on one (chat) about his stradigy which I totally understood and respect and told him that's fine Just make sure you explain this to Erin and her mother Julie... They are the one's you need to keep a-breast of with the current situation... I told him I could and will explain it to them but they need to hear it coming from you... So all is well there. The one thing that sucks is after each game the coach of each team chooses a player from the other team that stood out and played well or better than the others an MVP!! Well Coach told me that if he kept Erin in the game she would have undoubtedly gotten medals from both the games...Which his daughter in fact received...(I noticed Erin was not to happy that she didn't get one and that her friend Sam got not one but both medals from the two games.. ) Coach explained it to Erin and all is well.

After that game we sat around for a bit waiting for our next game at 4:45pm and then the storms rolled in and to make a long story short we stood in the rain rain from the storm and lightening (which in fact hit a local school roof and started a fire!!!) watched the first storm pass and then sat around in our cars while we waited for the powers to be who ran the tournament to decided what we all knew would happen to call the games and reschedule tomorrow... Finally we got home at 6:00 pm!! I fed Erin and her friend, Gab one of the many catchers for our team more of the delicious strip steaks I have been feeding erin for the last two days to give her the energy she needs for this tourney.. So today we go back and we have a noon game so have to be there at 11:00 am which is better than 8:00 fo sho!! If we loose that we come back at 6:00 pm tonight or when we win this noon game we come back and play at 7:30 pm tonight... So another full day of softball... Ohh yeah and tomorrow (when we win tonight) the championship game is Monday at 10:30 am... So much for the holiday weekend. I actually hope they win and take this tourney.. only today will tell. I like the fact that I am helping coach and working the books etc and that I am involved but I am actually glad I am not in charge of it all like I was last year and the year before.. even though I had a lot of help from everyone especially my wife, Thanks babe... It is more enjoyable not having all that responsibility this year..

So Julie comes home tonight hopefully she will be in flight when Erin is taking us to the championship by pitching a no hitter!!! I hope after being neglected from those MVP medals I hope this Kid (erin) gets something out of this... I would rather see her sit back as the silent strong one, and have her pass up the little things like those medals to receive the big prize at the end... even if that prize is self worth and a feeling of accomplishment showing herself that with time and effort you can do anything you try and apply yourself to. YEAH right !! she is a teenage girl for Cripes sakes!!!
Wish us luck, more to come later I need to get this house hold moving!! After all I am still MR Mom!!! till Julie returns..
(I hope she is in the mood for it , cause she is getting it whether she wants it or not!!!!) Yeah that was a referance to sex!!!
Peace out bitches!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Toeknee's fishy


Well Toeknee and I went fishing on Saturday and he beat my ass royaly!! I got a few hits but landed none he landed three and this big mutha-fucker right here...
Toeknee as always forgot a camera and I left mine at the cottage so I had to take a pic with the phone so I apologize about the size (thats what he said).
Good fish abot 19+ inches and a couple pounds.
Saturday was beautiful out, about 80 and sunny. When we went out Sunday morning it was cloudy and cold about 42 degrees!! so we said fuck it after like 4 casts...
All and all it was a good quick trip..
Peace out punk ass bitches

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Man-dels are cool.......

<spanIMG_5119 src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/194/495185116_c9c76d3d75_b.jpg" width=1024>

We have heard of "Air Jordan" but "Air bp"? Note* sign in the upper left-hand side of the background of this picture. OK this is the jet we flew home on.. Hangen with the guys is the same as hangen with any other friends except the little things like instead of hearing shit like hey lets take my car it's lets take my jet.. My flight crew can be ready in half an hour... Or hey man my helicopter is parked on the roof of this hotel lets fly to dinner..... This is what happened here. A nice business gentleman who shall remain nameless... Dropped us off on his way back to Canada.. his jet was very nice .. I had like 2 hours of sleep in me in this picture and was ready to crash... wait let me rephrase that..(Not a good thing to say when boarding a jet) So I like an idiot sat by the wet bar and every time I started to dose off some bad would need another "Cuba-Libra" Or Santa-Rosa or just plain old Vodka and tonic!!! I needed sleep!!! Hey TOL commander...One and a-half hours and we arrived safely home....

<spanIMG_5117 src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/219/495185122_4301e2c08a_b.jpg" width=1024>

Above is a very dark picture of one of my companies trucks... in the air. It is being held up by hydraulics and pneumatic jacks. Just one of the many many many sights at the waste show 2007.... It was pretty fun and very hectic at times but I still like going to these things...

<spanIMG_5113 src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/229/495237973_69512a8e5a_b.jpg" width=1024>

From the party room we rented at the Omni in Atlanta here is a lovely shot of Centennial park... remember the 1996 Olympics when that bone head blew up the bomb??
Well down under the tent in this picture Kiss 103 fm was setting up for some kind of Wednesday night in the park thing.... I guess Wednesday night is as good as any night to get all krunked up and jam in the park with Tom Jorner...? "Gonna catch somebody riden dirty!!" especially if they be blowin shit up in Hot-lanta..
Peace out Bitches

Tuesday, May 08, 2007



Man it just sucks that I failed you all by not getting the camera into the concert, But with copyright infringements being so high and anti-cost effective. I can't say with any conviction that I really felt safe knowing that any of you would be willing to replace my camera if it got confiscated.. So deal with these little small pics You fools!!
Machinehead came out and hit the sound barrier ver hard and loud!! I found nothing salvagable from their performance. They did a tribute to "Dime-bag Darrel" with a song for him about a newspaper article that was written about him in bad taste.. (The singer used a lot of bad words).
MegaDeth came out and its is suprising on how Dave Buttstain (see how I did that with his name Heff "Tee-Hee") stays looking so freaking young!! He really looks just like he did when the band first started. The only song I could understand from them was the one where the intro is " you take an old man and put him in charge" and the chorus goes "Just like Marrionettes" . The rest was a wash of absent minded lead guitar riffs here and there and loud cords that you could feel in your spinal cords!!
Then after a brief intermission "E5150' started to play" and the real "assult" began!!! They started out with " After all (the dead) which is an amusing song that cradles lyrics such as " What do you say to the Dead?" The from there they went into the "mob rules" and Dio remarked that they probably should have opened with this one but alas her it is anyways. It was awesome and His voice was outstanding. I have to get showered and on the road for my next adventure.. More tales from the voyager Big Bill on Thursday or Friday.. Until then peace out Bitches..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mr Iommi says Hello!!!


OK Some stories about the concert.. Well The Duke and I went to Wildfire in Oakbrook, we had 4:00PM reservations. Very nice place We have both been there before (separately) so we knew we would have a great meal there. I started with a pot of coffee and the "Calamari friti" and The Duke had a 5 gallon bucket of French onion soup that ended up staying on his person for the rest of the evening...LOL Onion boy..
After the appetisers we both had the 22 ounce Chicago cut prime rib!!! Dukes med, mine med rare.. Out of this fucking world!! Duke sprung for the grub, much obliged and thanks too man!!
So from there it was off to the concert... As we pull up I can't believe the crowd of scum we encountered.. Machine head, Megadeth freaks with t-shirts that ranged from "Sounds of the underground tour 2005" which yours truly had the pleasure of attending (Gag!!) to the Killers, Slipknot, Misfits, and every other no-talent aftermarket growl bands on the face of this earth.. Dark jet black hair, tattoos as far as the eye could see OH yeah and no women to speak of... Duke and I could not figure where these people came from? It's like You wanted to go up to them and say "Hey!! lets see your day pass, you know your not allowed out on the street till it dark, you freak!!" As we looked around in the parking lot you could see one or two normal looking people out of 30,000 strong!! It's like man there are not that many discount record and tape shops in the Chicago land area, Where do these Fucking jokes work? So we finally get in, I should have brought my camera.. The cool this is we parked 50 feet from the entrance, and there was no frisk???? Whatever.
First thing we do is make our way through a sea of freaks to the toilet. We walk into the restroom and there is a line of urinals on the wall and as I follow Duke down to a couple of vacant ones we pass an individual who was wearing Zuba's (sweat pants from the early 90's). he was saddled up to the urinal and his Zuba's where down around his ankles!!! Duke walks past and snickers quietly.. I walk past a let out this bellow Whoooo hahahaha!!! So I hear Duke still snickering at the urinal a couple freaks to my left and I'm thinking that's not what you down standing with a bunch guys who are ready to rock-out with their cocks-out!!! Duke and I could not get over this guys (comfort zone) ability he displayed in public...More to come on this individual...

As for the picture of Tony, I said "OY, ya Wanka, how's the Queen?" and he smiled and waved.......

Little Dio, Little pictures,,...


Ok I got tons of pics from the concert on the cell phone but they are small so here are some and I will work on them throughout the day,....